Friday, June 15, 2012

J.R. Forasteros - Book Review

"Ultimately, Exploring Prosperity Preaching is a love letter to the Black Evangelical Community from a woman shaped by some of the best preachers in a tradition long known for its powerful, prophetic preaching. So it's no surprise that this book is itself a powerful, prophetic word to that same community, calling them - and by proxy all of us who read - to those powerful, prophetic roots.

Bottom Line: An accessible, excellent evaluation of an emotional and explosive topic. This book moves the conversation in a helpful, necessary direction." Read more.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jason P. Kees - Book Review

"...I particularly liked her structure of the book. Notably in her discussion of the theology of WoF, she 1) explained the WoF teaching, 2) contrasted it with Scripture, and 3) applied it to the readers life. This approach allows the reader to compare and contrast WoF theology with the Bible in a easy-to-follow fashion. I would not be surprised, considering she is a homelitician, that she structures her sermons in a similar way. There is no lack of interacting with the WoF proponents or their theology." Read More.

Anna Renee Is Still Talking - Book Review

"In her book, Dr. Mumford objectively looks at and weighs the negatives and positives of the prosperity gospel.  Now I must admit that I was intrigued when I was told that this book would look objectively at the pros and cons of this subject.  I had no understanding that there WERE any pros.   Well, we live and learn daily! If we pay attention, God will teach us something from a subject or situation that all we could do was disdain as beneath us.   With disdain as my foundation, and not realizing what blessings would come to me, I started reading ”Exploring Prosperity Preaching“ to see what Sister Debra would say about it." Read More.

Should We Preach Prosperity? - Book Review

"Let me add, that “prosperity preaching” has affected many of us in some way. It has invaded many churches, even those who may not be considered “prosperity churches” they hear aspects of these theological positions. Even here at SoulPreaching.Com I often have to answer in emails and comments why we don’t teach that theology. This book will be one that I suggest as a resource to those of us who have to address such questions." Read More.

Materialistic Hedonism and Prosperity Gospel - Blog Post

"On March 14, 2012 on, Dell Gines wrote that post modern, materialistic hedonism is one of the most destructive things for the Black community. Truer words have seldom been written. One of the even sadder realities of this materialistic hedonism is that some of its sources are black churches. Prosperity preachers teach their people that God promises them material wealth." Read More.

The Church Lady - Book Review & Blog Post

Exploring Prosperity Preaching is featured Book of the Month on the Church Lady Blogs.

"After reading Dr. Mumford’s take on the strength’s and weaknesses of prosperity preaching I just had to purchase a copy of her new book, Exploring Prosperity Preaching and let me say this, I could not put the book down....What I loved about this reading was that Dr. Mumford  gives it to us straight telling us the pros and cons of Prosperity Preaching.  Further, she backs  her statements up with great research, scriptures and best of all, I didn’t have to have a bible concordance sitting beside me to help me interpret what she was conveying."